Thursday, October 12, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain channeled by Phillip Collins


Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, raging forest fires, killing droughts, drowning rains, melting glaciers, rising seas.

The leaders of North Korea and the United States threatening each other and the world with nuclear Armageddon, the U.S. president described as “out of touch” by his own staff, called a “moron” by his Secretary of State and “dangerous” by the Republican Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Meanwhile, investigations expand on Russian interference with the US election and the Trump campaign’s possible collusion, the cyber-attacks on our electoral process, possible criminal activity of Trump campaign and administration officials, the tangled financial connections between the Trump organization and family members’ private and government activities, not to mention possible impeachable offenses by the President himself.

St. Germain warned we would experience chaos during the Trump presidency:
 “Elect a clown, expect a circus.”

Here are recent observations from St Germain relating to some of the above:

“It is a clearing and a cleansing of the wounds of humanity and the ego defenses around those wounds in a very revealing way. In these United States, which we had a great deal to assist in the creation of, you have elected an individual as the president of your United States of America who is a very wounded and defended individual who you are seeing on a Shakespearean stage, a character playing the folly of humanity. You have those three groups of people—those who know what is happening, some who don’t and some who are holding on to the status quo.

“Those who are holding on to the status quo see themselves in this individual and think this individual will support their highest good when in fact that will not take place. They believe he is one of them by the sound-bites, the tweets and the information he sends out appealing to their wounds and their defenses. But more and more are waking up and realizing he is not able through his lack of skill, experience and training in governance to deliver what he promised. Nothing has taken place yet. At the base of his behavior is the division and the divide and conquer mentality of the tyrant. They (supporters) relate to that for it feeds and resonates with their wounds and defenses.”

 “He is attempting to create a diversion away from the investigations of his corruption and how he came into the presidency, whether it is volleying with the leader in North Korea or playing with the Russian government. Any distraction from the truth will be his ploy.”

 “The United States is in the process of creating a new paradigm of peace, love, equality, harmony and balance. The old paradigm didn’t work, or it wasn’t able to anticipate the corruption that would allow the current regime to come in. The current regime is revealing the wounds and defenses around those wounds.The new paradigm will have to be founded upon the frequency of love, which will allow the frequency of equality, which will allow the frequency of harmony and balance.”

When we examine all the things contributing to our sense of chaos, we see plenty of “natural” events mixed with the behavior of man. What do hurricanes and forest fires have to do with the chaos in the Trump Whitehouse or machinations between Trump and North Korea or Russia? St Germain suggests, a great deal.

“It is the imbalance of the masculine and the feminine, the masculine attempting to subjugate the feminine, that is creating much of the chaos and imbalance in your world. There is a reason for these two energies in creation. It is not just about your genders. It is not just about your sexual activities, and it is not just about reproduction. It is about the forces of creation that come together to create. That is the masculine and the feminine.

“This imbalance of energies generates negative emotions and thoughts that affect your weather and nature in many ways. Your emotions and your thoughts stored within your atmosphere create your weather, which is a wisdom that is lost, not believed or understood or accepted by the majority of humanity. These weather systems are a clearing and cleansing within specific areas of negativity, bias and of hatred.

“These systems are created by the emotions and thoughts within those geographic areas—the origins of the storms, the paths of the storms and the destination of the storms. They will bring people together in a united We consciousness where humanity comes together as a result of the storm that they have created to heal the bias, the separation, and confrontation by having to come together. It forces people to come together to rebuild, to repair.”

When we study the many cultures around the globe, one overriding constant is the inequality of women, where governments and the economy tend to be dominated by men, and the reward systems consistently favor men. In less economically developed cultures in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America, women are often severely restricted in terms of roles, education, careers and opportunity. Women in all cultures are much more likely than men to be targets of physical or sexual abuse.

Recently, the predatory sexual behavior of powerful men and the inequality of women has gained considerable attention in the United States as once untouchable, powerful business titans or entertainers were forced out of their organizations or saw their careers ended because of their behavior, including Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, Harvey Weinstein of MiraMax Films and comedian Bill Cosby.

“The culture has changed” writer and editor Tina Brown observed.  “This kind of behavior driven by ‘toxic testosterone’ will no longer be tolerated and protected as we have seen in the past.” If true, one might wonder about the fate of Donald Trump, who one TV commentator called the “Predator in Chief.”

If the rewards of balancing the feminine and masculine are potentially so great for humanity, what is it going to take to restore that balance? Here is what St Germain had to say about the consciousness of woman today:

“They (women) have had enough. This is the breaking point for the feminine energy, which will be led by the Western World, particularly in the United States, which is destined to be the beacon of the light of the world. These women will now give courage and inspiration to all the other women of the world because of your communication systems. They are beginning to wake up and realize their separation, their subjugation, and that the masculine energy is telling us what we can and cannot do and who we can and cannot be and that is coming to an end.”

Imagine, the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies freeing women everywhere to achieve their full potential to help create a world of peace, love, equality, harmony and balance.  That could dispel the chaos in our nation and world--like awakening from a dark nightmare.

What are we waiting for?

Archangel Michael Speaks: A Message for October 2017 Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Teachings of Archangel Michael
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Archangel Michael Speaks
A Message for October 2017

 Assimilating Who You Are and Your Truth Out in the World

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you  move into brand new times as a three month cycle of awakening and clearing and cleansing has come to an end.  You are now moving into a new three-month time period toward the end of your year of 2017 to begin to assimilate what you are learning as well as your truth. The clearing and cleansing will continue as you remain in a committed personal process.

It is now time to assimilate what you have learned throughout 2017 and in the last three months. The question We have for you is, What have you learned about yourself in the last three months that began on July 1st through the end of September? Old habits, patterns, rituals and belief systems have come to the fore for many and many have been triggered. What have you learned about you that you now can assimilate in your life?

Have you moved to a new powerfulness?
Have you moved to a new knowingness of self?
Have you moved to a place where you can see that you are important in the world?
Have you moved to a place where you know your truth is important and expressing it is important as well?

As you move through the last three months of your year it is now about moving out into the world and assimilating yourself in it and expressing your truth along with bringing your talents and gifts out in a bigger way.  

It is important to understand that as many are being triggered by what is happening in your world, many are revealing who they are.  So as you move into your last three months of 2017 it is about moving out into the world to reveal to others exactly who you are, where you are and why you are here. Many now are connecting to their purpose in the world and in their life.    

What is transpiring in your world today is a continued upheaval and revelation of the truth of what is transpiring out there.   As you look outside of you in the world it is time to move deeper within to your truth.  And as we have asked you many times before, ask yourself, Does it resonate or doesn’t it?  It is now time to go beyond that question and find the answer for yourself.  And ask, What is my truth in relationship to what is transpiring out in the world? And as you move into the last three months of 2017 it is about assimilating that truth out into the world.  And now doing this in congregation with other like-minded individuals who share the same aspects of your truth and know that truth.  Connecting with those who look out at what is transpiring in your world and ask the question, how can I affect my truth out in the world? How can I raise the resonance and vibration in the world?  This is about creating a new collective consciousness.  This collective conscious is now assimilating inside of you.   It is a collective consciousness of truth, peace, community, harmony and equality.

So as you look outside of you in your world, you now can begin to focus on what truly is most important for you to bring your truth to. There is so much happening in your world that for many does not resonate.  Yet there is much that does resonate.  What does resonate are those who are moving in a collective consciousness of peace, community, harmony and equality.  Now, as you move out into the world with your truth and begin to assimilate that truth and your power and greatness, you can choose to connect with these wonderful and most glorious souls.  It is about looking at the greater good of the whole.  

Look now at your soul family. Are there those within it who resonate with peace, community, harmony and equality?   Or are there those who continue to the fight and fight for peace, community, harmony and equality?

Dear Ones, it is about ending the fight.   What quite possibly will transpire for you in these last three months is ending the fight within yourself.  Ending duality within you and seeing you for who you are and accepting with compassion who you truly are.  As you begin to accept yourself with compassion as to who you truly are and see your powerfulness and greatness and the full expression of your truth, you can connect  with those who are doing this and have a similar voice as you.  In congregation with them you can begin to create a new collective consciousness.  This collective consciousness has already been created within you.

Based upon what is transpiring outside of you in your world, many are revealing who they are. This is called transparency.   What is transpiring out in your world today is becoming transparent to each and everyone of you who resonate at a higher vibration of peace, community, harmony and equality.

It is still important to see what feelings are coming up within you in relation to what is transpiring in your world.  Is there still fear residing within you?  Are you frightened?   Are you walking a pathway with an innate fear inside?  Might you be looking outside of you thinking that what is happening out there is more powerful than you?  Might there be a feeling of powerlessness rising within you?   It is most important to assimilate what is transpiring within you.

So We ask you,
How clear are you with who you are?
How clear are you with your truth?
How clear are you with your powerfulness?
How clear are you with your greatness?
How clear are you with peace, community, harmony and equality?
What has become clear to you as to who you are and what your truth is?

You can see this in relation to what is transpiring in your world.  In many ways it is the reason why what is transpiring out in your world today is happening. So it can trigger all the aspects of you that need to be triggered and come to the fore. So you then can release all of it and what no longer serves your highest good.  You can release the old belief systems and conditioning that says you are powerless.  You can release the belief that you need to look to something or someone higher than you that is much more powerful than you who will lead you to the promise land.   We have spoken to you about this many times before.

It is most important to see now where quite possibly your nervous system is triggered and what feelings are coming up within you in relation to your current events.  Are you fighting what is transpiring outside of you?  Are you in opposition to it?  Can you allow it to trigger you and with acceptance and compassion allow yourself to have all the feelings that rise to the surface?  And stay in a place of peace, love, community, harmony and equality with yourself.  The only way you can move into congruence with others is to be in congruence with yourself. You do this by accepting with compassion where you are.  

As We have said time and time again, it is not about getting rid of anything, the old habits, patterns and rituals or fixing yourself.  It is about seeing them for what they are and making another choice.  What is your choice? Is your choice to look outside of you at what is transpiring in the world and oppose everything?

You have come to a point as you move into your month of October to remind yourself as to where you are.  We are reminding you by asking you these questions. 
Are you in opposition and protesting what is happening outside of you in the world? Or can you look at it, allow your feelings to rise and know that much of it no longer resonates for you. 

The question many of you may have now is, What to do next?

It is time to allow the energies to assimilate within you. What is being created is new and you are at the fore. It is a new world of community, harmony and equality. 
See what is transpiring outside of and know, the old is being revealed and it is coming to the fore to be released. 

As you move into your month of October and begin the last three months of your year of 2017,  a great amount of truth will be revealed.  Each and every wonderful and most glorious soul is beginning to reveal who they are in relation to what they were taught and conditioned with.   The illusions of the old and the past are being revealed.  Your illusions have been revealed. 

What are the illusions within you that have been revealed? Quite possibly the illusion that you are powerless, you are not great, you cannot be loved for who you are and will not be loved if you speak and express your truth? Might it be the illusion that you are powerless when it comes to shifting and altering the resonance and vibration of the collective consciousness?      


Monday, October 2, 2017

Weekly Message from Archangel Michael Channeled by Jeff Fasano The Revelation of Your Illusions

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Teachings of Archangel Michael
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Archangel Michael Speaks

The Revelation of Your Illusions

In the end what is in the depth of your heart is love. For it is all about love. Everyone has the need to love and be loved.  This is a universal truth.
Yet most have been conditioned with illusionary belief systems that have been created through the deep wounding of their models. There is an innate need to be protected from what challenges those conditioned belief systems. So you have built a mask, or armoring around you to give you a false sense of safety that creates an illusion that you are protected.  When the old beliefs and conditioning are challenged your first reaction is to fight to defend you against what and who may be challenging you. 
What is transpiring in your world today is achieving this more than at anytime. The “old” in your world is being revealed and in turn so is the “old” of your conditioned belief systems. If you choose, it is up to you to see this as the mirror reflects it back to you.  Many simply are revealing who they truly are at this point in their evolutionary cycle. 
What you will see in the next three months in your world is a greater expression of truth from yourself and others.  During the next three months will come a great revelation of truth. As you continue to discover your truth within you, this is transpiring outside of you as well and will lead to a great revelation of truth.
Many of you have been lulled to sleep over quite some time. Infiltration of multi-dimensional energy is awakening the masses.  What is transpiring in the world outside of you is awakening the masses and happening in a contrasting, dramatic fashion that you may have not seen before.  Duality and the old is being revealed as if it is being amplified. For it is through drama that gets your attention.
The question is, what is your truth?
It is time to move into simplicity in your life.  Move back to basics.  See what you need from a basic point of view.  It is time to move out of the abstract conditioned mind and move into the heart. 
Ask yourself, what do I need and how can I nurture myself with love? Do this without judgment and shame. Without conflict and opposition. 
Then you can simply be there when called upon with love for an other?