Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain, channeled by Phillip Collins


As I write this I am sitting at my bedroom desk overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway in Ft Lauderdale, FL while Hurricane Irma roars around me. Dense sheets of rain sweep across the water’s surface, creating swirling sprays and waves that leap, then vanish. Coconut and royal palms furiously twist and shake, then, snap back, upright, resilient, erect and strong—much like mother nature herself.

The scene is both violent and beautiful. Mother nature venting her wrath. Is she angry? If so, why? Will mankind listen and abide?

Many of you understand what is unfolding here. In as few words as I can, I wish to sketch the story’s broad outlines as we have been told by the higher realms. The teachings presented here are from St Germain, who is the ascended master guiding Earth during this new two-thousand-year spiritual age which began in 2012. St Germain is working with Phillip Collins and me to create a work titled The Refounding of America.”

Long, long ago the forces of creation set the intention to create a world based upon love, the building block of all there is.

This new world called Earth would become a divine experiment that would be a direct reflection of creation itself. It would require the participation of twelve star systems (where most worlds needed only one) to bring their best qualities into fruition.

The mission was to create a world of unity (love) by working through the diversity represented by the twelve star-systems--moving from a consciousness of separation into one of unity; in essence, moving from a consciousness of Me to a consciousness We, the consciousness of creation. Earth is the most challenging experiment ever undertaken in the universe.

Long before the United States existed, we within the ascended mastership realms had a divine design to create a platform for bringing We consciousness and equality, harmony and balance into existence within this planet. Thus, we helped dictate the founding father papers of these United States, which were amalgamations of what you had experienced in the past through your governments and your kingdoms in combination with the fifth dimensional higher realm wisdoms. 

The intention was to create a platform, a wayshowing, of how to be an enlightened, wise nation and allow that wisdom to move out into your entire world.

It is the destiny of these United States, the Americas including what you call South America, to be these wayshowers. We (St Germain and the ascended masters) are instrumental in making sure this happens.

The players upon the stage of your humanity, particularly of these United States, are upon the stage en masse at this time to awaken humanity. For those of you who resonate with a truly democratic, equal, harmonious and balanced civilization, step forward like never before to learn and apply what is through the contrast of what is not. That is what you are experiencing at this time in these United States.

It is all part of a divine plan, but it is up to you individually to not give up but to wake up and step up to reveal to yourself and to other like-minded and like-spirited communities of equality, harmony and balance who you truly are and why you truly are here.

These weather systems are a clearing and cleansing within specific areas of negativity, of bias and of hatred. These systems are created by the emotions and thoughts within those geographical locations--the origins of the storms, the paths of the storms and the destination of the storms. They will bring people together in a united We consciousness where humanity comes together as a result of the storm that they have created to heal the bias, the separation and confrontation by having to come together. It forces people to come together to rebuild, to repair. Even enemies are forced to come together if they are reduced to a common denominator, perhaps losing everything, having nothing and needing one another to rebuild. They are not even aware they have created all this.

Following are excerpts of messages received from St Germain this week as hurricane Irma was tearing a destructive path through the Caribbean towards the United States mainland.

(September 6)
As a storm of perhaps unprecedented proportions approaches created by the emotions, thoughts and actions of humanity, know all is in divine order. Let the storm be a test of avoiding fear, doubt and ignorance (the monsters of mankind). 

The aftermath of the storm will allow humanity to come together in We consciousness. This is a difficult way to learn, but it appears to be the only way for a large portion of humanity at this time.

During the storm itself, as it swirls outside yourself, go within and realize your ascension process is a process of inside out, not outside in. Focus on the gifts I have reminded you of—your I AM Presence and The Violet Flame. See the Violet Light surrounding your planet.   Know I am with you through this experience. You are not alone, never have been, never will be. We shall regroup after the storm has passed and see what ascension results are in progress.

(September 9)
Your use of the I Am Presence and Violet Flame tools are reducing the impact of the storm within your area. There will still be impact, which is needed to assist in shifting consciousness. The full impact of the storm will go to where it is needed most.

Please take note of all the unprecedented storms and earthquakes(s) taking place. Humanity is being reminded there are forces in control larger than itself and that planetary ascension can take place with or without humanity. Know that I Am with all of those who choose to be with me.
Your teacher and friend,
ST Germain

The violent weather on display outside my window is unquestionably daunting, and, in my humanness, even frightening. My heart and prayers go out to all those experiencing the horrific effects of this ferocious storm.

I have been meditating on my Mighty I Am Presence (the God within) and The Violet Flame--a powerful band of energy and consciousness gifted from Creation to support the divine soul plan and all things within and upon it—asking for the protection of all.

Though the roar of wind and rain is swirling around my building, which is open to the Intracoastal Waterway, I am very aware that my apartment has been a quiet, protective cocoon.  Perhaps because of the configuration of my building, incredibly, I have not heard so much as a single blast of rain or wind against my windows since the storm began yesterday.
Thank you, St Germain

May a cocoon of peace, love and support envelope all my spiritual brothers and sisters caught in this storm. Indeed, I wish that for everyone, especially those who have come here to “step up, wake up and reveal who you are and why you truly are here.”

Let us join to help move mankind from Me consciousness to We consciousness on Earth:
The greatest experiment and challenge in the universe.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network


As I write this, it looks as though all hell is breaking loose. A killer hurricane named Irma is hurtling towards South Florida where I live, leaving a trail of stunning destruction through the islands of the Caribbean and now the Bahamas. None of us knows what harm Irma is about to unleash on Florida, but we have prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Last week hurricane Harvey ripped into Texas, drowning Houston and countless smaller communities in one of the worst storm deluges in U.S. history.

And spinning right behind Irma is hurricane Jose threatening many of the same islands leveled by Irma.

What is going on? What is our beloved Mother Earth telling us? This week we at the Angel News Network (ANN) received insights from St. Germain, channeled by Phillip Collins, and Archangel Michael, channeled by Jeff Fasano.

St Germain:

Your emotions and your thoughts within your atmosphere create your weather, which is a wisdom that is lost, not believed or understood or accepted by the majority of humanity.

This is a great time of testing of the democratic structure of these United States and for the populace to decide whether democracy is exactly what they want and need. Can they realize that democracy is not a spectator sport, that it requires the participation of all of you to support the structures that we of the higher realms gave to the founding fathers and the checks and balances of your government structures to protect democracy—a government of the people, by the people and for the people?

These weather systems are a clearing and cleansing within specific areas of negativity, of bias and of hatred. These systems are created by the emotions and thoughts within those geographical locations--the origins of the storms, the paths of the storms and the destination of the storms. They will bring people together in a united We consciousness where humanity comes together as a result of the storm that they have created to heal the bias, the separation and confrontation by having to come together. It forces people to come together to rebuild, to repair. Even enemies are forced to come together if they are reduced to a common denominator, perhaps losing everything, having nothing and needing one another to rebuild. They are not even aware they have created all this.

Some see it as an act of God, some as a punishment from God. It is none of these things. I am here to remind you that you are the creator creating all the time, including the experiences you are having with your weather and your personal and collective lives.

Archangel Michael:

You are moving through a great period of clearing and cleansing at this time in your mental, emotional and physical plane. Every one of you is going through physical, emotional and mental upheavals. What is transpiring in your world and yourself is rattling your cages, the status quo, your comfort zones.

There are upheavals in your corporate, government and political systems, rattling the cages of everyone. You are seeing a great demonstration of the duality that still exists.

Subtleties have not worked on the third dimensional plane. To understand what is going on internally and in the 3D realm, it all must be quite dramatic, and it is quite dramatic, isn’t it? The old and the duality are being revealed and amplified to the highest degree ever.

Many of you have been lulled to sleep for quite some time. The multi-dimensional energies are waking the masses. So what is transpiring in the 3D is awakening the masses with such contrasting, conflicting and dramatic crescendos the likes of which you have not seen before.

As Mother Earth rattles the cages of the world in order to clear, cleanse and flush out lower vibrations, it is important for everyone in a committed personal process to begin to realize their truth and understand the power and greatness of the individual.

What you can look forward to is a greater expression of truth from yourself and others. On the other side of this will be a great revelation of truth. Not only will you individually be discovering your truth, but there will be a revelation of truth in the 3D world outside of you. You’re going through a process of clearing and cleansing and an awakening. There will be a great revealing of truth within yourself and in the world outside of yourself.

What is transpiring outside of yourself is a tool to see what is transpiring inside yourself, so you can respond from a place of loving, honoring and valuing you. You can raise your resonance and vibration from the density of what is transpiring out in the world by congregating with others to create a new collective consciousness. It is important to create a new collective consciousness. That is the new awakening: the awakening to a new collective consciousness

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain, channeled by PhillipCollins


Anyone reading these blogs knows that St Germain has been warning America and the world  that Donald Trump carries the genetic codes of the tyrant, the same genetic DNA as Adolph Hitler and the ancient alien forces that sought to enslave humanity eons ago.

I posted St Germain’s warnings in several blogs including THE TRUMP/HITLER CONNECTION on February 3 and WARNING, TYRANT ON March 26.

Trump’s tyrannical instincts were on full view yesterday with his statement about the tragic violence last weekend in Charlottesville, VA when he equated those who stood against racism and bigotry with the Nazi, KKK and white supremacist marchers chanting hate slogans about persons of color, Jews and immigrants, etc.  

The health and survival of the United States and our democracy are paramount to St Germain because he helped inspire the founding papers created by our founding fathers. The democracy of the United States was created by the divine realms to be the prototype for governments in the rest of the world.

The United States is a pivotal component of the divine plan for mankind which is to work through our differences and diversity to create a community of oneness--which can only occur in a culture of equality and freedom.

Here is what St Germain said Monday about the events in Charlottesville:

Let us discuss the basic cause and effect of exactly what is hatred. Where did it come from and how does it continue to live in the human psyche? It all goes back to the manipulation of your DNA and RNA by the master races, the advanced civilizations that initially came to this planet and helped create you as a hybrid of themselves of what at the time were primitive human beings.

As a result of the manipulation of your genetic coding, two things were put in place.
One was a slave mentality, which the advanced civilizations needed to create to control you. The other was a consciousness of separation, duality, created by the splicing of your genes, which would prevent you from becoming organized.  The ability to organize would empower you as a human species; thus, they would be unable to control you to mine their minerals and other natural resources on this planet in order to repair their own planet and for other endeavors as well.

These advanced civilizations intermarried with the human species they had created and thus produced an  advanced hybrid species which still exists in your world which is called The  Illuminati and the Cabal. These hybrid humans continue to attempt to control you by keeping you in isolation, separation and confrontation through your wounded relationship with self, through self-hate.

This wisdom is completely missing from your history or your belief systems at this time. Even if this were to be revealed at this time there would be vast numbers of humanity who would not understand or believe it. But we wish for you to understand the foundation of the hatred and how the hatred is continuing to be fueled by the hidden forces in an attempt to keep you in duality and separation--which is in the process of being healed and eliminated in your distorted DNA by the higher vibrations of the planet herself as she moves into the higher vibrations of ascension. 

You have forces funding and fueling these groups by individuals such as the Duke family. They are putting these groups together and are encouraging them to act out, creating the negative consequences last weekend of the loss of life and the projected hatred.

Let’s focus for just a moment on the positive aspects of this happening. All of these organizations by coming out of the darkness into the light are revealing who they are. You are even seeing photographs of the individuals in these groups.

There is a divine plan in all of this coming out which, of course, wasn’t in the plan of those who were organizing it. They are attempting to appeal to the base of the executive branch. In effect, this will backfire as people will see and realize this hatred actually exists and is being fueled within these United States of America.

You fought World War II to eliminate Nazism and extreme, radical behavior so that hatred would not rule the world, so that extreme behavior would not be allowed within nations and governments.

The question that we who were instrumental in the creation of the United States of America ask is:

Can you really be an American and a Nazi at the same time?

That is the fundamental question for the populace of these United States and your present government to ask.

Also ask the questions: 
. If governmental leaders are not willing to come out immediately and condemn those     
  forces, what is preventing them from doing so? 
. Are those forces controlling them? 
. Are they beholding to those forces? 
. What prevents them from forthrightly coming out and saying this is not acceptable in this 

All of this hatred coming up is vital for the portion of the population that is conscious to begin to make another choice to really support the structure of your democracy.

You’re seeing the fundamental wounding and the hatred and duality of segments of the populace. But that does not include the majority, even though the funding supporting them makes them appear very vocal and that they could actually achieve their mission to become a party within themselves.

The racism and hate has been hidden and is being exposed in the light.  It is essential, it is necessary that what was hidden come out of the darkness, out of the shadows into the light.
Make a choice to remain in the light--allowing them to come out from the darkness into the light, and allowing the application of Responsibility=Consequences and allowing them to realize that their behavior is not acceptable within a democratic structure.

You cannot be an American and a Nazi.

That war has been fought.